blocks, bars, and stripes

Winner of the 2009 American Institute of Architect's 48 Hours Design Competition, this project introduces a series of evenly spaced multi-media panels across the Central Public Library Plaza. Each unit, derived from the module of the library skin, carries a narrative through distinctive media (text, diagrams, charts, graphs, still images, and video) related to library events both past and present. Some units contain permanent texts that annotate works of art found within the plaza such as Richard Hunt’s sculpture and the building itself designed by Marcel Breuer. Other units contain information related to seasonal events sponsored by the library or daily events held within the plaza itself. In the evening, the panels glow in the plaza and serve as a beacon for congregation and exchange. The goal of this project is to extend the rich cultural heritage of the City of Atlanta to its citizens both current and future. With this extension the project hopes to stir a deeper desire within the general public to cherish and preserve the cultural footing upon which they stand.