Located on the former site of the prominent Park Hotel in Coshocton, Ohio this creative placemaking project revitalized the historic downtown square of Coshocton through the transformation of a vacant infill lot into a vibrant outdoor art gallery. Working as an art consultant on the project, we facilitated an open community design charrette involving long-time Coshocton residents demonstrating collective interest in the future of the downtown square. The design process was partially supported by a National Endowment for the Arts OUR TOWN grant awarded to the Pomerene Center for the Arts. The design employs a meandering pathway along the north-south axis of the lot to connect a series of pocket outdoor gallery rooms. The path becomes the primary focal point in this concept, moving people along a wandering path yet open enough to support community activities throughout the year. The spaces which branch off the path house performances and exhibitions of varying durations. During the artPARK’s initial years, permanent works of art have been installed by artists such as Tony Bible working with River View High School students while temporary installations including Behin Ha's Coshocton Ray Trace (highlighted below) have been adapted to the park.

Aerial Oblique © Brad Feinknopf/OTTO

Concept Render: Northwest

Concept Render: Northeast

Concept Render: Oblique

Community Charrette Models

Charrette Scheme 1: Overall

Charrette Scheme 1: Plan

Charrette Scheme 2: Overall

Charrette Scheme 2: Plan

Charrette Scheme 3: Overall

Charrette Scheme 3: Plan