angier springs monumental work

As the winning concept in an open competition, this permanent landmark was required to be monumental in scale and visible from at least one-hundred yards away. Located along the Atlanta Beltline, the structure creates a new kind of urban room for the city, offering a retreat for those traveling the promenade. Akin to a budding forest, the open field of slender pillars explores the light demarcation of public space without explicit boundaries. The structure produces a medley of effects, offering visitors numerous encounters that change with the sun, the wind and the collection of participants who pervade the space. The transforming character of the room emboldens public engagement, creating immersive and interactive zones to be discovered anew as the space constantly reinvents itself within an ever-changing context. Best categorized as a small-scale work in the area of creative place making, this project was awarded a 2018 American Institute of Architects Merit Award by the Design Awards Jury.

Along the Beltline

Context Plan


Looking Down

Looking Up

Drain Detail

Pillar Detail

Paver Detail

Boulder Detail

Analysis Diagrams

Concept Diagrams

Zoning Diagrams